Best Thanksgiving Games For The Office! Virtual Fun Party Ideas!

Bingo is a great option as a virtual game, as the boards can be downloaded online and shared easily, and everyone can work at the same time over Zoom. Discover a variety of activities that suit your taste, from lively conversations and strategic board games to nostalgic classics and team-building games. To pass the time, try these Thanksgiving-themed games that will have your whole family cracking up. The Cornell University Center for Teaching Innovation found icebreakers create a relaxed environment, encourage students to speak up, and improve ownership within the classroom. Even better, icebreakers were found to ready students for future group work by increasing rapport within the classroom. What is Thanksgiving without going around the virtual table to say one thing you're thankful for?

  • Get more inspiration from our list of fun icebreaker questions for work.
  • At work, virtual Thanksgiving is an example of a virtual team celebration and a gratitude activity, and may take the form of a virtual holiday party.
  • We run this type of quiz when we introduce a new team member, or as a holiday fun activity.

Then, display the highlights on the screen, and give a shout-out to each one. If you need a guaranteed conversation starter, try a question that brings back childhood or teenage years memories – they provide an inexhaustible source of amusement. If your teammates are scattered around the world, kick off your meeting by sending a virtual hi to each one of them. Simply ask your participants a thought-provoking ‘this or that’ poll question with two options to choose from. Everyone can contribute and so you’ll take an instant pulse check on how everyone is feeling before the meeting.

Create a Thanksgiving Time Capsule

In today’s hybrid workplace, listening can be harder than ever, with an influx of information battling for our attention. Bad meetings and meeting overload are the most obvious signs of a troubled meeting culture. Next, allow all groups a couple of minutes to discuss the topic before coming back to the main room to share what each pair talked about.

thanksgiving virtual icebreaker games

Sites like Evite offer free and premium e-invitations you can completely customize. Check out more get to know you games and icebreaker games for work. Simply look for cooking classes in your area, hire a chef to come in and lead a class, or follow an online tutorial. If holding the event in person and DIY-ing the class, then be sure to book a kitchen space with enough room and appliances for all participants, and supply the needed ingredients. If holding a cooking class remotely, then reimburse participants for groceries.

Tips & Ideas

Set a time for you and your colleagues to meet after work and enjoy a drink together (it doesn’t have to be alcoholic). The game charades is usually a great option for any virtual party or team building event. This season, make it extra special by going with Thanksgiving or fall-related words. Thanksgiving is all about practicing gratitude for the people in your life. For some heartfelt virtual thanksgiving ideas, create a virtual gratitude wall together. Invite your colleagues to think of a message of gratitude for someone in the workplace.

Use props and Turkey Day-themed items to take fun photos, then post them with a Thanksgiving caption on Instagram. For some unique Thanksgiving ideas, brush up on the history of Thanksgiving, and give a short presentation to your employees. Share the story of Martin Frobisher, who first searched for the Northwest passage from England during a 1578 voyage; this was when the first Thanksgiving celebration took place.

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